All hail the Kitchenaid Artisan Stand Mixer


Let me introduce you to Gloria.

Gloria is a glorious Kitchenaid Stand Mixer. I have never had a stand mixer before but I thought that if I was ever going to get one it would be for life (based on the fact that my mother still uses the one she bought before I was born) so I was not only prepared to spend some hard saved pennies but it would have to be ‘The Right One’

I was given the brochure in my local department store and spent time choosing the right colour. There were over 20 to choose from. Once I had narrowed my choice down to four colours I cut the illustrations out of the brochure and stuck the pictures up in the kitchen. Slowly, over the next few weeks I decided on the right colour for me. Raspberry Crush………….

It was then a matter of seeing which retailer did the best package deal and value for money and then watching to see if the price came down……..

On Thursday afternoon last week I was sharing my excitement at this prospective purchase with my lovely hairdresser and noticed that one retailer had knocked 10% off the price, so that was it. Purchased online that evening on a Click And Collect basis. But then I read that it would take until Monday to be in the shop and ready for collection!!!!!!!

Thankfully I had an exciting weekend planned (Brilliant Daughters 22nd birthday) so I managed to contain my excitement.

Wonderful Husband collected my purchase from the shop. That was not without stress having been told he was in the wrong shop!!!

So, she came home on Monday night. Packed in two boxes so it took some time to extricate here but finally there she stood on the side, glowing in gloriousness!!!

Never before have I been so excited about a piece of kitchen equipment. But she is far more than just a piece of kitchen equipment. She will be with me through thick and thin (batters and doughs and pastries and cakes). Even Wonderful Husband said that he hoped we’d be very happy together!!

I even made space for her in the special drinks cupboard (having thrown away lots of half empty alcohol bottles!!)

Next morning I opened the cupboard carefully, just to check it wasn’t a dream and there she stood in all her gloriousness. In my head I heard choirs of angels singing Gloria (hence the name) and I was happy!!

I have stroked her and talked to her and even used her to make some Buttercream Icing (she is sooooooo quiet) and I am excitedly looking forward to many happy baking sessions together

Watch this space for updates………….