Hexipuffs and The Bee Keepers Quilt……

As the clock go forward I find a project for dark winters evenings; A Bee Keepers Quilt. So a called because of the knitted hexagon sections that will (eventually) be combined to make an amazing quilt.

This may take some time to complete but, 1 Hexipuff down and only 101 to go until I have enough for a pram blanket (not that I know anyone in need of a pram blanket!!)

The pattern can be downloaded from Ravelry and only costs about £3.42 or $5.50 and it’s not a traditional pattern with complicated codes. It’s very simple. That being said I had to take it to my local wool shop http://www.thewoolmerchant.co.uk and with their help (and another set of dpns) I’m up and running

Ask me in 12 months time how I’m doing………,,





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