Mocha Cake with Cinnamon Crunch

More from the busy baker…….

Cosy Cakes


It was my bday!! Woop woop! I LOVE birthdays and this year my housemates, who know me too well, chipped in to buy me an amazing baking tray with moveable partitions so you can choose the exact size of cake you want, or adjust depending on how much mixture you have. The movable sides make it so easy to remove the cake from the tin as well – just line with baking parchment before, and then after use a sharp knife to release the cake from the sides of the tin, and then simply remove the sides of the tin. It’s so ideal.

I decided to christen it last night with two cakes, the first being a single layer Mocha Cake which I topped with a cinnamon-sugar crunch topping. I don’t really like coffee, so I only used 50g of coffee powder, but if you like your mochas strong and…

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