Gazillionaire’s Shortbread

Looking good 😃

Cosy Cakes


So named because it is sooooooooooo much better than Millionaire’s Shortbread! Technically this recipe doesn’t actually include shortbread but you get the gist! I love Millionaire’s Shortbread, so then I started thinking what would make it even better. The answer? Oreos. This simple recipe makes the must luxurious, naughty little treats, perfect for a moment of guilty pleasure. These really are incredible. This recipe made 12 peices of perfection.


For the base:

2 1/2 packs of Oreo biscuits

100g Butter

For the filling:

2 tins of Condensed Milk

100g Butter

100g Brown Sugar

For the topping:

300g Milk chocolate

Oreo filling (I will explain how to do this in the method)

Oreo biscuits


1 – Using part of the tried and tested twist, lick, stick method, separate your Oreos. No likcing required, simply twist the biscuit so you are left with one piece of biscuit and one piece…

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