I will beat the hill……..

but maybe not this week.

So, spring is in the air; the sun is up but there is still a chill, lovely crisp mornings.

The ‘Bike Ride’ has been announced. D day is 4th July. About 17 weeks away… So ‘training’ has taken on a new impetus. As a result, the mini hill that has beaten me so far is back in my sights. I WILL NOT BE BEATEN. Well not next week anyway!!!

On a positive note, having to stop half way up the hill gave me an opportunity to take a photo or two.




4 thoughts on “I will beat the hill……..

    • It’s kind of hard to describe but if you come out of Cullompton via the football/cricket club road and then go over the motorway towards Mutterton………..well, I come down that hill because it’s way too steep to cycle up (and a bit scary to come down too if I’m honest!!). To access the less steep way turn left at the Merry Harriers (on the Exeter Road) and then left when the road takes a really sharp right, past Bolle Aller farm?? It’s then a steady incline over several miles until you come back into Cully via the Football/cricket club but there is one steep bit that I haven’t yet mastered. It’s deceptive as it doesn’t look steep but it is!!!!😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

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