Minxy Meringues




The other week I made an egg yolk only cake (I will blog about this another time) but I was then left with the dilemma of what to do with the egg whites. Meringues is the easiest option but I wanted something a bit different so thought I’d add a pinkish hue. 


Of course, the downside to meringues is that they don’t last long, especially when made bite sized

These little mouthfuls lasted about 48hours!



The oven will need to be warm only, start at your lowest setting above plate warming! You can always turn the heat up after an hour or so.

For 3 egg whites you will need 6oz (175g) caster sugar and a very clean mixing bowl.

Whisk the egg whites until they are soft peaks (so the top of each peak just droops a bit!)

Keep whisking and, very slowly, add the sugar, spoon at a time until all the sugar is mixed in.

The mix drops and bit but is still spoonable.

Add your colouring. I used ‘Silver Spoon Colour Creator’ in Lilac and Pink. However do not mix in fully if you want swirly colours, just stir once or twice and that will do it.

Then spoon onto a lined baking tray. Place in the warm oven.

Check every hour and increase the heat if they are not crisping up but you don’t want the oven so hot that the meringues go brown. It could take 3 hours so make sure you have something else to do whilst they cook.



Make batches of different colours and sandwich together with whipped cream or jam or chocolate ganache

To create spikes use a fork or skewer, they should not change shape in the oven.

You could pipe them having painted the inside of your piping bag with food colouring to change the style of your colouring


One thought on “Minxy Meringues

  1. Looks so pretty. I do so like meringues but rarely make them….Christmas baking is around the corner. My mom always made them with peppermint extract for the holidays, might have to do that this year.

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