I only knew 1 stitch up until a few weeks ago and I’m told it was a knit stitch. I’ve now learned a purl stitch (thanks to You Tube!).

I’m trying to loose weight in advance of a 3 week holiday so I needed to find something to do that keeps my hands occupied in the evenings and knitting helped me stop smoking a few years ago so I thought I’d rekindle my love with the needles.

Family, be warned, you are all getting scarves for Christmas presents!!!

I made the mistake of going into my local knitting shop which is one of those fantastic emporiums which stocks the most amazing wool; fair trade, hand painted, you name it, they stock it and IT IS WONDERFUL but very very expensive. I’ve promised myself that I won’t go back until my knitting improves having bought 3 skeins of wonderful hand spun, kettle dried Uruguayan wool for just shy of £50 which will be a very expensive scarf!!!!!!!

In the meantime, and for practice, I have un-knitted a scarf that my mother knitted for me years ago that is way too long and way too itchy. It’s made of 3 different wools and I have finally managed to recycle enough of the softest one to make a scarf for myself.

Its still a work in progress, but I have lost almost 3kg in the last 3 weeks so something is working!!

In case you’re really interested, I’ve cast on 30 stitches and am doing 1 row knit, 1 row purl on size 5 needles (they may be 5mm, I’m not sure, I got them from my local charity shop)

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